The Truth About American Liberals in 2012

In America, liberals commonly make statements like this when attempting to discuss Conservatives and/or Republicans:

“I wish the Republican party would be a conservative party and not simply pander to radical Christians and the wealthy.”

Both of these claims are gross generalizations that are totally unsupported by statistics of any kind. In truth, they are just liberal talking points that are quite effective when dealing with unarmed opponents.

In this case, however, the opponent is heavily armed and eager to dismiss such bogus claims.

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how you can learn about economics

Once upon a time, I took an entry-level economics course at Georgia Tech. It was part of the required curriculum for engineers, so it’s not like I took the class because I had this burning desire to learn about supply, demand, and why I don’t have any money.

Anyway, even though I had a full semester’s worth of micro-economic details thrown my direction, I absorbed very little theoretical knowledge about economics and economic systems. This remained mostly true up until this summer when the election and the sub-prime mortgage crisis collided, resulting in a glut of informative articles and pieces on economics all over the Web.

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because that groove is hard to find

If you’ve ever been in the business of content production, then you know that you can get on a bit of a roll after a while. Sometimes those rolls can last for a few days, and other times, they only last for a couple of hours.

For me, they’ve been elusive lately, but I have to figure that’s because I haven’t specifically focused on them. I wrote about Zen-like creative workflows over on Pearsonified, and I truly believe that you can trigger a higher level of productivity by performing simple mental exercises that force your brain into activities that you would otherwise suppress. [continue reading…]